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Most luxury rehabilitation centers will offer you the same services: luxury amenities, customized programs, personalized care, and a business center where you can keep your “normal life” intact while you are recovering from addiction.

These luxury rehab centers will also place you in prime destinations (beaches, rolling hills, etc.) and promise a concierge care set up where you can directly pay your annual doctor’s fees instead of going through rigorous insurance processes. Since they cater to high profile clients, these establishments are used to keeping things very private and confidential.

What sets Spencer Recovery Center apart from the others is its expertise and longevity in the field. Spencer Recovery Center has been recognized and accredited by the Joint Commission (which was formerly JCAHO) since 1989, and has made itself a leader in the field through its exceptionally high success ratings. It has been widely praised by previous clients who were happy with the results and the treatments they were given both as inpatients and outpatients.

Spencer Recovery Center also offers “treatment scholarships” to prospective clients who, due to unfortunate circumstances, are unable to get loans for this luxury treatment. If you really need the kind of care we are offering, you can now get financing help.

The Spencer Recovery Center has treatment facilities in Laguna Beach and Hollywood Hills. To know more about these treatment facilities, just click on the links below.