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The most common Prescription Drug Addiction in the country today is probably to pain killers. All you have to have, after all, is a chronic headache. Before long, you’ll be hooked on a pharmaceutical drug that you don’t even notice it changing your behavior. Unfortunately, you can’t treat Prescription Drug Addiction the same way you treat addictions to alcohol or recreational drugs. You’ll have to look for a rehabilitation center that offers top-of-the-line programs specifically for this type of addiction.

While Executive Rehab also deals with other types of substance dependence and behavioral disorders, our success rate for Prescription Drug Addiction recovery is competitively high. Our medical practitioners are licensed to treat addiction from a wide range of pharmaceuticals including, but not limited to, pain killers, cough drops, antihistamines, vitamins, anti-obesity medicines and many more. To find out if the particular prescription drug you’re addicted to is included in our treatment programs, contact us anytime.

If you’re not the addicted individual and you have a family member who is suffering from Prescription Drug Addiction, you may also want to ask one of our experts to help you conduct an intervention. Interventions are a must, as some families are unable to accept that their addicted spouse/child/brother/sister needs to be treated. This inevitably leads to the enabling of addiction. A third-party interventionist can help jumpstart the addiction recovery when you are at a loss on how to help your addicted loved one.

What happens after the intervention/patient’s admission?

After the patient is admitted to our facility in Laguna Beach, he or she will undergo a detox treatment that’s specific to the kind of pharmaceutical he or she is addicted to. The level of addiction will also be assessed, and the patient will be observed and supervised so that he or she won’t have to feel any discomfort from withdrawal symptoms.

What puts Executive Rehab above other rehabilitation centers?

Aside from the competent medical team and the tailor-made programs that are designed for each patient’s needs, Executive Rehab also has resort-like amenities and an unmatched confidentiality clause. This makes it a perfect rehabilitation facility for celebrities and other high profile personalities. To top it all off, Executive Rehab is situated at the Laguna Beach, which is one of the most tranquil spots in California. The location plus highly trained staff ensure that recovering clients are not made to feel like they are in a rehab center. What they will think of the whole experience is something akin to a long vacation with life-changing benefits.