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The first few days of your rehabilitation can be tough, no matter how luxurious the setting can be. We understand this, which is why we would like you to feel as comfortable as possible. A personal assistant will be assigned to you and he or she will attend to your specific needs. Of course, there are nurses and medical practitioners within our rehabilitation center as well who will assist you during the treatment, but one of the staff will be assigned to attend specifically to your needs.

Even when you are already much improved, we have at least a 1:1 ratio in our staff. Someone will still be monitoring your progress, making sure that you’re totally comfortable during the treatment, and helping you through every step of the rehabilitation until you are ready to face the real world again as an outpatient. Now, this isn’t a service that you can get in just any rehabilitation center. This kind of upscale service is only available in our luxury treatment centers because we know you deserve only the best treatment.