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Would you like to sign up for a program in a luxury rehab center? Recovery Now TV can recommend the best luxury addiction rehab facilities across the country. Just ask for a Luxury Rehab Referral from them and they will direct you to one that can best meet your requirements.

Our facilities have been topping the list of Recovery Now TV for quite some time now, thanks to the high success rate we enjoy with only a handful of other luxury rehab centers in the world. The advantages of a top-rating luxury rehab facility like ours include:

  • Confidentiality – you can be sure that your privacy is protected while you are under our care.
  • Exclusivity – we cater to high profile clients, so everything in our rehabilitation center spells VIP.
  • Personal and customized care – you deserve the best treatment, and we are going to give you nothing less. You will be attended to very closely by our medical experts. You’ll also have your own rehabilitation coach. To top it all off, you won’t be treated with canned programs. You get to choose what activities you’ll take part in during your free time. You can even slip in a few hours for work and use our business facilities. Life doesn’t have to stop when you begin your addiction rehabilitation program. And as you ease yourself into a healthier lifestyle, you will find yourself reinvented…a better person with the right tools to handle the challenges of life.
  • Location – never underestimate the setting when you are trying to recover from addiction. When you wake up to the immaculate and tranquil Laguna Beach, or the sprawling Hollywood Hills, you will definitely find it easier to respect your life more and break away from the jaws of addiction.