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What your Luxury Drug Rehab Center should have

High profile clients go to great lengths to choose a luxury drug rehab center because drug addiction is no laughing matter. Aside from the social repercussions of coming out as an addict, the detox program is not an easy thing to go through in the same way that the counseling sessions are likely to be long and fraught with challenges. For CEOs and celebrities, relapses can mean the downfall of their careers. And this is why a lot of facilities are using the phrase “luxury drug rehab” to attract high-paying clients. Don’t be fooled though, and make sure that you are checking yourself into a real luxury drug rehab, where a competent team of medical professionals are in place to oversee every step of your treatment and recovery.

Success rate
Before signing up for a luxury drug rehab’s treatment programs, you should first have an idea about the facility’s success rate. Just because a drug rehab center is teeming with licensed professionals doesn’t mean that the facility is employing the latest treatment strategies. A lot of factors affect the success or failure of an individual’s drug recovery. It really pays to do your research so that you will know exactly which professionals you should trust your life with. After all, drug addiction needs to be treated accurately and as soon as possible. Any misdiagnosis or mistreatment can worsen the addiction and threaten the patient’s life.

One of the reasons why you are signing up for a luxury drug rehab’s services is because you would like to keep your treatment confidential. A confidentiality clause is something that can protect you from prying eyes, either by the press or by specific people who wish to stain your reputation while you are being treated for your addiction. Reputable luxury drug rehabs will always present you with a contract that has a solid confidentiality clause.

Class A amenities
Luxury rehabilitation centers resemble the best luxury resorts in California. They are probably close to the beach or situated at a secluded mountain village. The rooms are very comfortable, with clients receiving world class services in addition to close medical attention and counseling sessions. High profile clients will feel right at home, and as they are undergoing treatment, they will learn life skills that will enable them to love life again.

Why Executive Rehab is the best choice
Among luxury rehabilitation centers across the US, Executive Rehab has one of the highest success rates ever recorded. It is one of the top choices among CEOs and celebrities because the staff is obliged to keep the businesses of their clients a secret. The after-detox program can also be customized according to the needs of each client, so it almost feels like they are just taking a vacation. Best of all, Executive Rehab is situated in Laguna Beach, which is a tranquil space that is very conducive to recovery.