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The Importance of Intervention in Addiction Recovery

The importance of Intervention can’t be stressed enough in the rehabilitation process. Most families wait until it’s too late before they admit their loved ones to a rehabilitation center. This is because they are too emotionally attached to the addicted individual to actually seek help. They think that by tolerating the addiction, they’re actually being kind to the addicted person.

While it may seem that way, in reality, you need to be cruel to help someone out of substance dependence. If you cannot bring your loved one to a rehab either because you are feeling too sorry for him/her, or he or she is already too violent due to the addiction, you should let an interventionist do the job.

Why we are the best choice

Executive Rehab has an expert team who can handle Intervention sessions very well. You can be sure that your loved one is in capable hands, and unless absolutely necessary, no amount of force will be applied during the Intervention. We are a world class rehabilitation facility, and we treat all of our patients as top clients. After the Intervention, your addicted loved one will be taken to a resort-like facility that’s located at Laguna Beach. Here, he or she will undergo detox treatments and a customized in-patient counseling and recreational program – all designed to help him/her fight the addiction.

Family involvement

Executive Rehab doesn’t just stop at removing the patient from his/her environment. After the diagnosis, the family will be oriented about the patient’s condition as well. This way, each family member will know how to act as a support system for the patient. If one or more of the family members were deeply affected by the patient’s addiction, he or she will be processed in the counseling sessions as well.

This “processing” is necessary to ensure the success of the rehabilitation. Most relapses happen because the family doesn’t know how to support the patient once he or she is out of the rehabilitation center. Executive Rehab understands this risk, and takes steps to protect each of its clients from regressions.

A comfortable space to heal

Family members shouldn’t feel bad at all about letting a professional intervene. The facility of Executive Rehab in Laguna Beach is one of the finest, and their loved one will be well taken care of. All of the rooms here are at par with luxury resorts in California. The beach and its surrounding landscape are also conducive to recovering from addiction. At the end of the program, patients won’t be just free from the chains of addiction—they would also have a renewed love for life.