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Hollywood Hills is definitely one of the most affluent and beautiful neighborhoods in California. Tucked away in this neighborhood is another facility run by Spencer Recovery Center. For years, Spencer Recovery Center’s treatment facility in Hollywood Hills has been known to provide the best customized health care, particularly in alcohol and drug addiction. High profile clients wishing for even more privacy while they are dealing with their addiction prefer this facility mainly because Hollywood Hills is a tranquil neighborhood, where clients can be sure that they are around people whom they can trust.

As for the view, the facility may not have the same beach view as that of the Laguna Beach facility, but the amenities are guaranteed top-of-the-line, and the medical professionals, equally competent. In treating your substance addiction, your doctors won’t let themselves be trapped in “age-old” treatments, or treatments which may have worked for other patients. They will diagnose you closely, and streamline the treatment so that every aspect of it would fit your specific needs.