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Treating Eating Disorders: Why it’s so crucial

There are two basic types of Eating Disorders and they’re anorexia and bulimia. The former has to do with extreme starvation, while the other involves binging and throwing up out of guilt. While psychological factors trigger both anorexia and bulimia, these Eating Disorders are also quite lethal because they put the human body through so much pain. Patients with these Eating Disorders can die unless they’re properly treated.

Patients with Eating Disorders are also at a higher risk when it comes to relapses because most of the triggers for anorexia and bulimia are attached to the society we’re moving in. They include but aren’t limited to the popular standards of beauty, which in turn dominoes into peer pressure. This is why the condition affects mostly women in their adolescence, although there have been a number of male patients suffering from this disorder as well.

What’s really happening?

When you choose a facility for ED treatment, make sure that you are choosing one that has a comprehensive team of medical professionals. By that, we mean medical practitioners who can look at other internal factors which may be enabling the eating disorder. Executive Rehab offers dual diagnosis, which treats two problems the patient may have at the same time. If a loved one has an ED or eating disorder, it’s also quite possible that she or he is suffering from yet another behavioral disease.

Executive Rehab can diagnose these combinations of problems properly because we are licensed to customize and design rehabilitation treatments like these. Your loved one won’t be in pain as she or he is undergoing her/his treatments. If the anorexia is caused by a drug she or he is taking, we will detoxify her/him from the substance and let her/him go through psychological help so she or he can fight her/his image-related delusions.

Family therapy

Executive Rehab also offers family therapy because someone with an ED doesn’t just get it out of nowhere. Something in his/her old environment must have triggered the eating disorder. Executive Rehab has a group of expert interventionists and counselors who can ease the family into what the patient is going through.

Once the patient is put under the family’s care again, as an outpatient, the family will know what kind of support to give. Family therapies are also there to help process whatever damages the ED might have done to other family members. If a younger sibling, for example, is showing signs of the same eating disorder because of what happened to the patient, this can be treated right away.

Conducive location

Our clients are safe in our care. Aside from our world class team of medical practitioners and top-of-the-line facilities, we’re also right at Laguna Beach. Clients can enjoy luxury-resort-like facilities while they’re getting better. We make sure all of our patients are very comfortable. Executive Rehab also has a confidentiality clause, which means that high profile clients can feel safe while they are having their treatments. Their reputations can be kept intact, and it would just seem like they’ve taken a long vacation.