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Patients suffering from more than one kind of addiction, or an addiction that’s triggered by or combined with behavioral disorders need licensed medical practitioners who can give Dual Diagnosis. The tricky part about this is that you never know you have more than one problem until you have yourself checked.

Most rehabilitation centers only treat one kind of addiction at a time, and this usually leads to failure because the other addiction or behavioral disorder is counteracting the treatment. Executive Rehab is different because we make sure our clients get the treatment that they need. We never overlook “other” problems for our convenience. This is why we have one of the highest success rates in the US when it comes to addiction rehabilitation.

Competent medical staff and doctors

We care about your clients, but most of all, we’re also highly competent medical professionals who can tailor-fit your addiction recovery programs for you. There’s also a good doctor-to-patient ratio in our facility so you can be sure that all of your specific needs are met. This is something that you can hardly expect even in other luxury rehabilitation centers across the US, and believe us when we say that you’d only want to work with the best when you are trying to recover from addiction.

Just like any other condition, relapses in any kind of substance addiction are more difficult to treat. If you don’t sign yourself up with a program that has a high success rate, you are always in danger of being mistreated and suffering from a relapse. On the other hand, everything about Executive Rehab works for your success. You are given specialized attention and treatment, and you’re situated in one of the most luxurious rehabilitation facilities in the country.

Great location, top-of-the-line amenities

Executive Rehab’s facility is located in Laguna Beach and in the Hollywood Hills, and we offer only the very best amenities for our clients. The rooms and rehab facilities here rival those of five-star resorts. You’ll be in good hands when you stay and entrust your rehabilitation with us. We also have therapy sessions for the family, because we all know that your addiction didn’t just affect you. It also affected the people around you. Executive Rehab doesn’t just give you invigorating detox and counseling treatments while you’re inside the center—it also prepared you and your family to face the bigger picture that is the world outside of the facility.