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Drug and Alcohol Addiction: Is it possible to treat both?

Addiction to both Drug and Alcohol substances can be lethal. While most people only know about treatments for either one of these substances, there are actually programs now that treat both addictions simultaneously. However, it’s not enough that you sign yourself up for a dual treatment. You should look for these characteristics first before picking your Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation center.

Success rate

While no two rehabilitation programs are created the same way, you need to find out what the success rate is for the Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation center you are considering. Some may offer minimal fees, but will they really help you get better? Executive Rehab has a team of competent medical professionals who have been treating addiction cases for a long time. You need to remember that relapses are even worse than your initial addiction, and unless you choose a Drug and Alcohol rehabilitation treatment that can guarantee good results, you’ll always face this danger. Our programs have been successfully helping individuals recover from addiction with minimal risks of regressions.

Customized programs

Canned treatments, just like canned food, are not really good for you. If you’re trying to deal with addiction, the last thing you want is a “general” treatment for your condition. This is likely to fail because they were patterned on someone else’s needs and not yours. Executive Rehab, on the other hand, understands that you are an individual with very specific needs. Everything in your rehabilitation program—from the detoxification to the counseling and recreational activities—will be tailor-made for your needs.

None of our client’s needs are ever taken for granted. Whether these needs concern personality disorders or a passion for painting, these will all be taken into account to make sure that the program succeeds in making you value your life again.

Conducive facilities

Not only are our facilities top of the line—we’re also located at Laguna Beach, so you can feel like you’re just taking a long vacation while you’re being treated from addiction. There are no depressing gray walls to look at. You’ll be free to relax and heal both your body and your mind while you are under our care. Imagine meditating in front of the beach, painting beautiful landscapes, or even writing a novel in a tranquil garden. The staff here, aside from supervising your Detox program, will also do their best to make you as comfortable as possible.

Best of all, everything about your treatment will be kept confidential. Most of our clients are high-profile individuals who leave our facilities happy, healthy, and with a renewed drive to live better lives.