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The Truth about Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction is actually quite rampant nowadays. While millions of Americans are at risk of substance addiction each day, very little is actually known about this condition. For example, some families put their addicted children on purely spiritual rehabilitation centers without thinking about detoxifying them first. While this may work with very mild addiction, the withdrawal symptoms associated with going “cold turkey” on any substance can be very dangerous.

At Executive Rehab, we take into account the physiological and psychological aspects of Drug Addiction. While a great part of our recovery programs deal with the psychological healing of the addicted patient, we don’t forego detoxification altogether because this is vital to the success of any individual’s rehab efforts.

The Importance of Detox

When the human body is exposed to harmful doses of addictive drugs, whether it’s crystal meth, a prescription drug, or even a painkiller, the brain’s physiological structure is somewhat affected. The abnormalities in the brain also affect the individual’s behavior, and the way he or she sees things. This is why, for the most part, individuals who are suffering from Drug Addiction act out of character. Some may just lose their inhibitions, while others may get very violent with the people around them, or be promiscuous without really meaning to.

No amount of counseling would help if the individual is still taking drugs. On the other hand, the human body can also suffer from serious trauma if the substance is too suddenly weaned from the body. The medical staff of Executive Rehab knows this only too well, which is why, at the start of every program, the patient is diagnosed first to find out the severity of Drug Addiction. The patient’s medical history will also be examined to avoid any complications during Detox. Credible detox treatments prioritize the health and the comfort of the recovering patient, and Executive Rehab follows this rule to the letter. While you are in our care, we’ll make sure that withdrawal symptoms are kept to the very minimum.

A space conducive to healing

Executive Rehab is also located at Laguna Beach, which is one of the most tranquil beaches in California. Aside from our world-class facilities, our competent team, and our specialized programs, you’ll be in close touch with nature, so you’ll be able to rediscover what you love most about life. You can spend your days sketching, learning yoga, meditating at the beach, or any activity you’re passionate about. Executive Rehab will make you love life again. Best of all, we’re also bound by a confidentiality clause, which protects clients from having their condition exposed to the world.