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Everything you need to know about Detox Treatments

The presence of drug or alcohol in your body can affect the way you think and behave. While substance intoxication does lead to addiction, it’s not the only effect it has on the body. Those who are addicted to alcohol or harmful drugs tend to be more agitated, aggressive, and sometimes even violent. Too much drugs or alcohol in the human body’s system affects basic brain functions. As a result, individuals who are addicted lose more and more control of themselves. Under the influence of these harmful substances, they can actually ruin their lives.

This is why Detox treatments are so important when it comes to any kind of addiction rehabilitation. As a matter of fact, recovery from addiction is virtually impossible without Detox. No matter what kind of substance you may be addicted to, detoxification is always your first step to getting better. But what really goes on in Detox programs? Addicted individuals usually wince when they hear the term because it seems painful. How does detoxification work, anyway? Does this really involve the removal of addictive substance from the body?

The truth about detoxification

Actually, Detox programs focus on letting the addicted individual wean him or herself from the substances he or she is addicted to. While the primary steps may involve a certain level of “flushing” so that the patient’s body is freed from these substances, it doesn’t stop at that, and it’s not quite as sudden and painful as some people think. As a matter of fact, here at Executive Rehab, we try to wean patients from their substance dependence as painlessly and as gradually as possible. It’s true that withdrawal symptoms can be pretty tough on patients, but it’s only really painful or difficult when the patient isn’t treated well.

Top of the line detoxification programs

Executive Rehab is made up of medical experts who know what they’re doing. They’re experienced professionals who will go through the trouble of making sure that your recovery is smooth and painless—because that’s what top-of-the-line treatment does. It doesn’t let you experience pain because you’ve decided to get better. Experts here know that their clients went through a lot just to decide to get better. In return, Executive Rehab has designed very specific and specialized detoxification treatments to make each and every addict’s recovery a painless and successful one.

Not the end

Executive Rehab also doesn’t just stop at detoxification because addiction recovery is not just about that. It’s also about lifestyle changes. This luxury rehabilitation center also offers world class counseling services and in-patient programs which can be customized by the patient himself/herself. The facility is right by the Laguna Beach, which is one of the most tranquil locations in California. It’s the most conducive space for addiction recovery, and we can assure you that our facility has one of the most impressive success rates in the country.