Intervention and Treatment Referral

Each of the programs listed below offers unique qualities and services for substance & alcohol abuse treatment. We hope that you find what you are looking for.

Custom Your Care by the Sea:
Upon intake, clients are able to customize their treatment program to fit their exact needs.
[ 800.281.5133 ] [
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Scripts caters directly to people dependent on prescription medications. [ 800.893.8800 ] [ visit site ]

Need Immediate Help with Addiction?
Please contact us and we'll be sure to assist you or a loved one and begin your journey to a new freedom.
Reaching Youth with Prevention Messaging
Parenting is Prevention
SAMHSA works to improve the quality and availability of substance abuse prevention, alcohol and drug addiction treatment, and mental health services. Includes links to community programs, information resources, events and articles.

Grace Track:
This faith-based drug & alcohol treatment program provides individual Christian counseling, Bible study groups and an introduction to the Life Recovery Bible. [ 800.781.6113 ] [ visit site ]

ADD/ADHD Treatment:
Situated in the ultimate relaxing costal environment, this intensive program treats ADD/ADHD and chemical dependency simultaneously. [ 800.961.ADHD ] [ visit site ]

Crystal Meth Treatment:
This program achieves its desired results by focusing and addressing the distinct needs of crystal meth abusers.
[ 800.930.METH ] [
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Spencer Recovery Center:
A JCAHO accredited intensive 12-step based treatment program intent on helping survivors of chemical dependency get help and their lives back. [ 800.334.0394 ] [ visit site ]

Spencer Recovery Center Florida:
A treatment program designed to emphasize its calm surroundings. [ 800.444.4013 ] [ visit site ]

National Intervention Referral: Find a licensed intervention specialist today. Drug & alcohol family, executive, and teen interventions offered.
[ 800.399.3612 ] [ visit site ]